We Are Not Here to Kill Emails – Easythingy


If email is dying, it will be a lingering demise. Without a ready audience through email, deal-a-day website Groupon would not have built a network of 143 million subscribers. More than 107 trillion emails will be sent this year, while the IM industry is hampered by fragmented services which do not communicate each other.” A line from the famous Independent magazine, indicates the importance of email.

Who would kill email? The backbone of communication? Easythingy is not here to kill email. As you can see, we’re out to make your daily basic activities, as simple as they can get. Easythingy and email work hand in hand. The email provides the “raw” information required, the data in this case. Easythingy, our productivity tool, processes it, manages the content of the email, presenting it in the simplest manner.


Travel diaries!

View past or upcoming trips, or any information that is traffic-related with Easythingy. Who else would tell us about the info if not email. Clear act of collaborationism. Long word there, but makes sense right? Easythingy is here to make your life better.

Bookings covered!

Going on vacation, camping or work? You will need your email to verify your hotel bookings. Easythingy comes in, gives you all the details you could possibly need. Just at a glance, you can view your details such as confirmation number and more. View your desired hotel on map. The contact details of your hotel too are provided. Isn’t that amazing!

Bills and receipts!

Daily life transactions. Loads and loads of them. Be they water, electricity, Wi-Fi or cable network subscription bills etc. All these coming through, with offers, newsletters and all the sort, junked up in your mail. Wouldn’t it be great to view all these at the blink of an eye? Everything consolidated into one. Easythingy does this for you.

Hey, get ready for your upcoming event!

With the much information we handle daily, we are not able to keep tabs of everything we do. Overwhelmingly, we end up forgetting others. Don’t worry. Easythingy gives you the option of setting your reminders and easily managing your To-Do-List easily. An email is generated and sent to you. This way you’re up to date with everything you ought to be. Yet again, we work together with emails.

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Knock-Knock, Delivery Guy Here!

Ordered the latest PlayStation from Amazon? Favorite Nike Air Jordans and couldn’t wait to try them out? Easythingy lets you keep track of the package automatically, with intermittent notifications on their status. Check your status as often as you can on the app.

Unsubscribing Newsletters Was Never So Much Fun Before Easythingy

In this previous article, we saw how our emails subscription newsletters were easily managed with Easythingy. A whole workload simplified to almost nothing, meaningful nothing.

Can we now see how Easythingy is a perfect complement for email? They definitely complete each other.