Easythingy – Not Another Email Management App


Email is important, even if it’s not your top priority. It’s the one place where everything from receipts and newsletters to correspondence from colleagues and best friends comes together. The address itself regularly serves as your digital passport, too—you can use your email address to sign up for new accounts. With so much important information and memories in one place, are you able to find important information whenever you need easily and fast ?

Of course there are plenty of email management apps out there, but are they really solving the problem ? Email management apps does clean up your inbox up to an extend of organizing emails,searching through archives and so on.

However when it comes to certain information such as e-bills and e-receipts, upcoming travel information, searching for itineraries, tracking back on your hotel booking information etc does it do the job ?

Over the years, having tried several email management apps, I’m just having one more app with non-stop notifications and unread messages.

We cannot ignore the fact that we receive so many emails per day that we spend approximately 22% of the workweek sorting and manually filtering them out.

With e-bills, e-receipts, travel information, hotel bookings, deliveries and more being jammed to our emails, it is hard to spent time organising on a daily basis.

Speaking on e-bills, in a recent survey, the Top 3 reasons said for missing a bill payment are :

Excuse No. 1: I forgot.

It happens to the best of us. You go on vacation, your schedule gets out of whack, and boom! A due date just whizzes past you. “The biggest reason for customers missing payment due dates,across all of the payments they make, is that they simply forgot,” says Anthony Merola, managing director of Citi Cards. In fact, 61 percent of late payers blamed forgetfulness.

Excuse No. 2: I have no idea where my bill is.

That daily avalanche of mail? With so many mails received daily, its just hard to keep track of all the e-bills in an email inbox. Leaving it unread and having difficulties tracking it down can be a hassle. On top of it with each e-bills coming with different due dates, it is hard to create manual reminders on each bill to pay on time.

Excuse No. 4: I just got too busy.

With jam-packed family and work schedules, who has the time (or the inclination) to sit down for bill-paying sessions that last for hours? Now how does this problem affect a business owner ? With the growing popularity of online purchases for business (Example: paying for virtual numbers, hiring freelances for company projects, paying for Shutterstock membership for company video presentations templates and footages), e-receipts are just jamming up the emails.

Trying to consolidate all the e-receipts so the amount spent can be claimed back as “Company expenses”, its not unusual to miss out some of the receipts.

Who’s gonna sit there an hour a day to organise all the e-receipts on a daily basis with the ongoing meetings and busy schedule ?

On of the Managing Director of an IT Solutions firm claims that he easily loses out on claiming a few hundreds a month because he could just not find his e-receipts in his email.

When it comes to tracking and taking actions against an email besides reply and forward, there are still issues which everyone faces on a day to day basis.Ad_2

“Easythingy”, a mobile app which would sync single or multiple emails would automatically extract information from your emails and reorganize it into actionable folders such as “Trips, Bills, Deliveries etc.

With the availability to take pro-active actions against it (Example : Pay Bill, Book A Cab, Book A Hotel and more), users would never need to refer back to an email and start digging past emails to find what they need.

Currently only available by Invite, Easythingy shall be launching very soon for the global marketplace.